Saturday Night

Well we did a little post game tailgating and on the walk back to the car got a lot of good comments from the Pitt fans who were all classy with one exception which RUInsane took care of. Lots of people walked up to us and told us how Rutgers earned a lot of respect on the field today for their solid defense.

After the game we went for dinner at Hooters and then ended up heading back to a bar for a night of postgame drinks and to shoot some pool and to check out the local well-endowed Fluffalupagus. We didn't have to wait long as a bar crawl with a Fluffalupagus party attached to it made its appearance.

These girls were wild. Magoo and RUInsane obliged the girls with a few photo-ops.



We partied all that night at Philthy's and then again at the Sheraton bar and somehow managed to wake up at 8:00 am to head back to Jersey. All of us having had a great time getting to party, look at Fluffalupagus (do I really have to define this now?) and enjoying a good Rutgers football weekend the way it was meant to be.

The above, posted several years ago on a fan website, was our introduction to Rutgers booster subculture.

That subculture is overwhelmingly composed of individuals who never attended Rutgers, who have nothing to do with the university as an institution of higher learning, and whose sole focus is on a semi-professional football or basketball franchise using its name.

As we have long pointed out, getting Rutgers out of Div IA and returning to participatory athletics would instantly rid the university of its degrading association with this subculture. Your move, President Barchi.



Meet the Boosters!