Framed plaque given to Dean Carl Kirschner by the Rutgers Athletics Department in recognition of services provided to the athletics program. Dean Kirschner, well known as a Rutgers athletics supporter, is frequently permitted to travel to away games on the same airplane as the football team.

Among his many other services to the Athletics Department, Dean Kirschner serves as a principal member of the committee that interviews recruits such as Nate Robinson, Shalicia Hurns, Davon Clark, Reggie Dixon, Justin Francis, and others to ensure that they have academic and intellectual ability equal to that of other Rutgers undergraduates, as well as personal characteristics that will permit them to contribute positively to Rutgers as an institution of higher learning.

Former Rutgers Dean Carl Kirschner (left), seen here in intimate conversation with former Athletic Director "Bob" Mulcahy, was promoted to Interim Athletic Director immediately after Mulcahy's dismissal. Newspapers described the choice as entirely appropriate, given Kirschner's longtime devotion to the interests of the Athletics Department.


The plaque, attractively decorated with the Nike corporate logo, currently hangs in the former Honors Lounge, a room once used for admissions meetings to Rutgers's highly selective honors program. That admissions process having been abolished, the room is now used for other purposes.