Heaven be praised, he's gone at last!

While he's pondering his goodbyes, a few last questions:

Will this man have the good grace to apologize, as he leaves, for the incalculable damage he has done to academic and intellectual values at an old eastern university.

Will this man have the surpassing good grace to convince his coterie on the Board of Governors to resign with him, thus opening the way to Rutgers' recovery from its near-extinction as a university?

Will this man say that, having had time to look into his soul, he is now deeply ashamed to have been personally responsible for killing off a long tradition of participatory athletics -- six entire teams in the Olympic sports -- at Rutgers?

Will this man remember, at his final press conference, to tell the vast hordes of sports-bar boosters drawn by his football franchise that they no longer have a choke hold on the neck of Rutgers University?

Will this man take his messianic coach, El Supremo, with him when he goes?

Will this man, in a final act of penance, instruct his pals in the pay-to-play legislature to treat Rutgers from now on as an institution of higher learning, not as a venue to provide them weekend entertainment?

We don't know. We just thought we'd ask.