"High Point Solutions U."

as seen on national television

during UNC game

IN THE STANDS AT High Point Solutions U. v. UNC 

(reports from a local booster board)

Booster #1:

Last night I witnessed one of the most disgusting acts I've ever seen in my life. I'm standing in Section 111 Row 27 and I hear the girls across from us in 110 start screaming. Some guy pulled out his [deleted] and started pissing all over the rows in front of him as his friends stood and cheered him on.

Now I don't normally read into what my fellow students do at the games, but I've never seen anything so ugly. It is [deleted] like this that give RU fans a bad rap. We are known for cursing the Naval Academy, flipping off cameras, pissing on students, and starting fights. Last night was embarrassing from a fan standpoint, perhaps an all-time low.

Booster #2:

I'll share my student story from last night. 4th quarter and probably about 8 or 9 minutes left in the game. A UNC student in my section (115) walked through every row to pick up the American flags dumped on the ground by RU students. I commended him on it and he stated that it was a disgrace that the flags were just thrown on the ground.

About 5 minutes later this student and his five friends standing in the middle of an empty 115 had a drink thrown on them by a Rutgers student. The drink was in a cup and just got the arm of one of the guys wet. Two minutes later another drink (in an open bottle this time) was thrown on them and hit one of the girls in the group. Someone in the UNC group confronted the drink thrower. Security rushed down and grabbed two of the UNC guys and escorted them out of the stadium. Other RU students saw this and started yelling "asshole" at these guys.

Booster # 3:

When you combine this story with the pissing one, I personally am completely ashamed to have attended this university and being associated with it in any way. This is mind-boggling, embarrassing, pathetic and just disgusting. Rutgers is hitting new lows across the board this season.

Booster #4:

My wife and I watched a drunk student in the lower rows of Sect. 123 throw up on the row in front of him. Everyone scattered and then covered up the vomit with give-away white towels. The student left a little bit later.

Booster #5:

Last night was pretty bad all around. I remember someone throwing a hot dog from above us. My friend and I had ketchup on us, other students throwing gatorades and drinks, towels, etc all around the student section. It's like this almost every game.

Booster #6:

I doubt that most people on this board won't admit it, but we have a lot of incredibly lowlife students at Rutgers.

Walking to and from games, and around the stadium, I've seen countless examples of trashy behavior.

Maybe it's time to start interviewing prospective students, so as to possibly screen out some of these [deleted].

Booster #7:

I've said it many times on this board. I'd much rather have the fans who sat with me in the student section back in 2001 than the ones today. It's almost as if these latest ones exclusively picked Rutgers for the football alone.

Booster # 8:

I agree. The decline of the student section began during the 2006 season, when I was a senior. That's when we started to hear the first FUCK YOU (insert school here) chants, and we began to realize that most of them don't come to watch a football game. Guess that's the kind of student you start getting after you've been nationally ranked for a couple of weeks.

From a UNC alumnus:

I'm a guest here and will act accordingly. However, I will say that having visited venues all over the country to watch the Heels play football, basketball, and baseball, I've never encountered students as bad as those I saw on Thursday night.

I'm sorry to be so blunt on your board as it isn't my nature, but it was really a poor reflection on your university. As for the notion that it happens everywhere there is a big student following, that simply is not the case. UNC is far from being competitive in football, but we routinely fill 17,000 student seats in Kenan. We don't have those sorts of issues.