Excruciating RU Moments


Founded in 1766, Rutgers will soon be celebrating its 250th anniversary as an institution of higher learning.

Since the slide of RU into the pit of commercialized Div IA athletics 21 years ago, we have kept a record of episodes older alumni regard as embarrassments to Rutgers as an old and distinguished university. We give these a numerical ranking.

 Tailgate Party

Since 2012, the record has been held by a High Point Solutions "tailgate party" with "twerking," for some reason announced as the "revival" of a Rutgers tradition.

RU student "tailgate party"

 Techno Hum

Now we have been given notice of something even more wince-making.

 "For the second straight home game, Rutgers continued what it intends to make a tradition shortly before kickoff, successfully encouraging fans to tap their chests while the techno song 'The Hum' blared over the sound system. The athletics marketing campaign has been branded as the 'Knight Pulse.'"

--Keith Sargent, NJ Star Ledger


"This video with the music went over very well with students,” said Geoff Brown, chief marketing officer for Rutgers athletics. “Football is pumped up about it."

It is being promoted by a marketing outfit as a "new tradition" for Rutgers. It involves blaring loud music over stadium speakers while spectators tap on their chests.

We wouldn't have thought a university founded before the American Revolution needed "new traditions," but we understand why people connected to "Big Ten" football franchises might consider it impressive.

It could make people in places like Lincoln, Nebraska and Columbus, Ohio and Bloomington, Indiana say "Hey, come quick, here are some students in New Jersey tapping their chests to have a tradition!" So it might promote what President Barchi calls the "Rutgers brand."

We expect this one to hold the #1 spot for a long time. Maybe even through the entire year of Rutgers' 250th anniversary.